Acceptable & Unacceptable Graphics for Engraving 

Gallery of inspiration and examples to help guide you

Here you will find graphics that are an ideal representation of images that are great for engraving, and ones that are not so great. Your logo does not have to look EXACTLY like these; they are simply a guide. If you are still unsure, please feel free to email or message us directly. 

All of the images below are relatively simple, high resolution, and have a clear and defined edge. This will insure that your engraving will be as crisp and clear as we can make it, even on the smallest of lids. 


All of the images below of logistical issues for engraving. Because our laser engraves in a threshold mode, things like watercolor, grayscale, overlaid (overlapping) images and low resolution will translate to a poor engraving. If your images look like any of the ones below, we recommend reaching out to us to see if we can help design a simpler version of alternatively you can choose just the font of your company name for the engraving.